Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wings Review

By: Aprilynne Pike
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Laurel and her adoptive parents have just recently moved to Crescent City, California from their old small town, where Laurel goes to public school for the first time in her life. After being home school all her life, she has trouble adjusting to school because of her odd preferences. She is a vegetarian and cannot physically digest most foods, and she hates being confined indoors. School gets better for her when she meets her very first friend - David. Laurel begins to tell David everything going on in her life, like the odd bump that has been growing daily on her back. One day, while visiting her old cabin, she meets a strange, enchanting man that claims to be a faerie, and even worse, claims that Laurel is part of the faeries. After this meet, things start going down hill for her as her father gets ill, and David and Laurel are in for an adventure of their lives.

Wow! I thought this book was pretty good, it is a perfect mix of suspense, romance, fantasy, and drama. You never know what to expect next and at a few places, it almost seems like a mystery with the reader constantly wondering about what will happen. The characters were also well developed, unique, and interesting. The heroine, Laurel had to make some very hard choices, and I agree with almost every one of them. Usually, in a novel, the heroine makes some choices that are very controversial, but I think at the end of this, both "teams" (yes, there is a love triangle!) should be at least moderately satisfied. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series!

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