Monday, April 25, 2011

House of Dark Shadows Review

House of Dark Shadows (Dreamhouse Kings #1)
By: Robert Liparulo
Overall Rating: 4/5

The King family is moving from a city to a small town called Pinedale, and Xander, the oldest child, isn't to thrilled. Xander takes an interest in photography but there is nothing to shoot in Pinedale, even worse, he has to leave behind all his friends and girlfriend. The Kings search for a house, and they stumble across a big, old, deserted house and Xander's parents take an interest in it. Xander and his brother David, however have mixed feels ever since Xander noticed the house plays tricks on everyone. For instance, their sounds are disoriented and sound like they are coming from somewhere else. Despite this, they enjoy exploring their new, mysterious home. Little would they know moving in would be their biggest mistake of their life...

I bought this book, read a few pages, and dropped it again. I did this about two more times and was never fully engaged into the book. Finally I got very bored and I had no new books to read, so I once again for a fourth time picked it up and started reading it. I cannot believe why I didn't find this interesting the first few times. All I have to say is Robert Liparulo is an amazing horror story author. I'm not too fond of horror novels, but this one was perfect for me: It was a little scary, but not too scary to give nightmares. This novel will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat almost every page. The only negative comment I have to add is at some points there were too much details, this is odd because I usually prefer it to be detailed and developed. For example, the Roman scene, although very interesting, got a little boring fast because I felt everything was being described more than once. House of Dark Shadows ends with one of the biggest cliffhanger, so be ready for the next book.


  1. I've really been needing some good book recommendations lately because I just keep reading every book I own for like the 4th time lol. I need new material! I really want some series to last me a while. I will be checking out your blog for some good suggestions! :)

  2. It sounds interesting, I might read it. :)