Friday, April 8, 2011

Captivate Review

By: Carrie Jones
Overall Rating: 4/5

Zara, Devyn, Issie, and Nick may have solved one problem - pixies feeding on young boys by trapping them in a house, but they are now faced with another. Other pixie kings sense that Zara's father is weak because Zara and her friends have trapped him in the house along with the other pixies, so they come to Maine to gain territory from Zara's father. One of which believes Zara should be his queen, much to her displeasure. However, when the worst of the worst happens, Zara and her friends are faced with the biggest challenge yet, a choice that will change them all forever.

Captivate started off weak, and at first I felt like it was all empty sentences without detail. However, as I read on, it got better and much more suspenseful as the story went on. All the main characters were very well developed and you can read this without reading the first book, Need (although it would be a good idea to) because Jones gives a detailed back-story. I wasn't to stunned with the romance between Zara and Nick because it was a bit dull, but the developing love triangle between Zara, Nick, and Astley is making the romance department much more pun intended. The choices Zara made as a heroine weren't too promising or believable either. It had a few flaws, but it was a good read for fantasy lovers nonetheless.

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