Monday, February 21, 2011

Switched Review

By: Amanda Hocking
Overall Rating: 4/5

Switched is the first book in the Trylle Trilogy, it focuses on the main protagonist, Wendy, who lives with her over-protective brother, Matt, and aunt. These two people were the only ones that ever cared for her; Wendy's mother tried t kill her on her sixth birthday, claiming she was a monster. Wendy has never fit in anywhere, she is known as a trouble maker and has been expelled from a vast amount of schools. However, she later meets someone named Finn, a boy who constantly stares at her and she feels creeped by it. Little would she know, Finn would change her life. After a dance gone wrong with Finn, Wendy runs home crying and Finn later comes in through her window apologizing, and explaining who she really is: a Trylle princess.

First, I think the paranormal element Amanda Hocking decided to write about was very interesting and unique, I've read books about the ancient fey, changelings, but never about trolls, or as they are called in this trilogy, Trylle. In all the other fey books I have read, trolls were an uncivilized, arrogant group, but this book says otherwise. The powers were also very interesting, and I hope they're talked about more in the next book of the series. Normally I favor the dark, mysterious guy in the story, but I found myself liking for Rhys better than Finn; hes much more open and unlike Finn, he always makes Wendy smile when hes with him. I also found Wendy's characteristics a little annoying and it made her look immature at some points, but that may improve in the next two books as she grows mentally and start to understand. There were also several grammar errors and typos, but it didn't affect the reading much. Overall, it is a nice  unique and creative story for all paranormal novel fans.

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