Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter's Passage Review

Winter's Passage
An Iron Fey Novella by Julie Kagawa
Available until January 31, 2011
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

First, the cover to Winter's Passage is beautiful, just like all the other Iron Fey novels. This is a great book to read after The Iron King and before The Iron Daughter, as The Iron King ends with Ash arriving to take Meghan to the Winter Court, whereas The Iron Daughter starts with Meghan in the Winter Court. Winter's Passage is basically the story in between, on their journey to the dangerous Winter Court.

However, before going Meghan has one request: To see Puck, who was severely injured while protecting Meghan from the Iron Fey. Although Puck is asleep and cannot talk, Meghan connects to him. She also bumps into Grim, the faery cat, who goes along with Ash and Meghan.

Ash also tries to warn Meghan about the dangers of the Winter Court by pointing out her weaknesses, but as you'll see in The Iron Daughter, she doesn't seem to understand what Ash was trying to say. In addition to all that, Ash and Meghan are hunted by something determined, dangerous and evil on the way to the Winter Court. Will they survive?

This novella was great and packed with suspense and romance. I would definitely recommend it if you enjoy faerie stories. It's truly one of the best out there!

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