Friday, December 31, 2010

A Taste of Magic Review

A Taste of Magic
By: Tracy Madison

Overall Rating: 4/5

A Taste of Magic by Tracy Madison starts off on the day of Elizabeth Steven's birthday... which is the same day her ex-husband Marc left her. In addition, she has to bake a cake for her ex-husband's wedding with his new love, Tiffany. Elizabeth's day couldn't get any worse. But she is in luck, because her eighty-five year old grandmother, Verda is a witch. For her birthday, Grandma Verda passes on the magic to her. Through baking, Elizabeth can now cast spells. But as well all know - Be careful what you wish for. Elizabeth casts some spells, attempting to use them to finally help her forget the past, start truly living, and find her one true love. Problem is, now two gorgeous guys are after her, even her ex wants to patch up things with her, and instead of helping her best friends Maddie and Jon, shes made things worse for them. All because of her spells. Can Elizabeth fix things and find a guy that truly loves her, without magic?

A Taste of Magic was a good read. Not the best romance, but a great one nonetheless. I'm sure many readers would be able to relate to Elizabeth in some way. I pitied her in some parts; especially the beginning, and felt happy for her in others. The excessive magic and baking got a bit draggy and I felt Elizabeth was acting too desperate, though who could blame her? It gets better, and this novel has a "happily ever after" ending.

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