Saturday, December 18, 2010

Iron Daughter Review

Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa
Review by
*contains spoilers* 

Overall Rating: 5/5
Iron Daughter is the second book in the Iron Fey series. Meghan, keeps her promise to the Third Prince of the Unseelie Court, Ash. When they finally reach Tir Na Nog, Ash suddenly turns cold towards Meghan, leaving her heart broken. The Scepter of the Seasons is stolen from right under Mab's nose, and Sage, the first winter prince, was guarding it was killed trying to save the Scepter. This infuriates Queen Mab and she declares war against Summer. However, the true thief and murderers isn't Summer, but the Iron Fey. Mab traps Meghan in an icicle before leaving for war, but is luckily rescued by Ash. Ash explains he was only being icy to Meghan because Winter Faeries prey on the weak, Meghan understands and trusts him again.
Their journey continues on from there, with unlikely allies and surprises on the way. The Puck we all know and love comes back and helps both Ash and Meghan as well.

Overall, I think the Iron Daughter was a great sequel! I had so many questions along the way. "Is Rowan really allied with the Iron Fey?", "Who is the false Iron King?", "Why does Meghan have iron glamor?" The list goes on and on. Some were answered, others weren't. I was so surprised by some things and Iron Daughter has just made the wait for Iron Queen harder. I have so much more questions now. If Meghan is the Iron Queen, as Ironhorse said before he died (*sob*, I was starting to like him) - what will happen with her and Ash, and even Puck? Julie Kagawa is truly a talented writer. No one could've made it so intense and interesting. Ash was absolutely heart throbbing! I had the urge to laugh when Meghan's entire house was iced. Puck, well, he almost made me Team Puck, although I'm still Team Ash. :P sorry, Puck. He was even more caring and passionate. Meghan? Well, shes certainly grown a lot mentally. Grim was just Grim. Ironhorse was a complete opposite. From evil to noble.

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